What are the Best Las Vegas Casinos?

You may have heard it said: What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas, and though this is true, it is important to know where to play in Vegas before anything can actually take place. Whether planning a weekend getaway or a seasonal visit, knowing the best Las Vegas casinos is vital for ensuring a pleasurable trip. Here are some of the top Las Vegas casinos to consider visiting during your next stay.

Caesars Palace continues to top the list of one of Las Vegas’s most premiere casinos. Whether a novice or seasoned gambler, you are sure to find plenty of fun and excitement at Caesars Palace. Top of the line entertainers and a myriad of packages available to choose from, makes Caesars Palace one of the premier destinations for gambling in superb style and luxury. Modeled after the ancient Romans, Caesars Palace is known world wide for rewarding players with more million dollar slot machine winnings than any other casino.

Next on the list is the Monte Carlo. Owned by MGM Mirage, the Monte Carlos is a resort hotel that is revered worldwide. With all of the style, glamour, and attention to decor, many players also find that the casino offers a superb playing experience. Though a wonderful experience for new gamblers, the high stakes veteran will enjoy playing in the areas reserved specifically for players of their caliber.

The entertainment is top of the line and the Monte Carlo is known for special magic shows presented by Lance Burton. For those who want the best in gambling, the Players Club offers great rewards.

With decor that resembles the beauty and exquisiteness of a renaissance palace, the Venetian is not only an amazing gambling experience but the casino is a feast for the eyes. The Venetian is truly a marvel to behold, and whether an avid gambler or not, the Venetian is worth a stay as it is one of the most revered hotel resorts worldwide.